bolands mill conservation 26 July 2016

As part of an overall €150 million redevelopment to Bolands Quay, Hegarty Demolition was selected to carry out the conservation to the historic Building B at Bolands Mill. The works involve complete strip out of the building, salvage of all materials for remediation and installation into the revamped structure. The taking out of the pine trusses intact, removal for drying, revamping and finishing to the highest conservation criteria. Similarly, pine floor beams, floorboards and cast iron columns were removed and treated. An extensive, phased temporary works scheme was installed throughout the building to facilitate strip out, internal structural piling, construction works and the heavy demolition and civil works on our adjoining site, where the impressive flour silos were demolished. We assembled a top team of specialist contractors to carry out the many elements of conservation works to reinstate this famous structure. The conservation of the roof was a key part of the project and the first body of work to be undertaken. The structural elements of the roof had to be carefully removed, restored, brought back and reinstalled. While the roof was away being restored the HDL team were busy onsite with other elements of work. There were over 300 windows on this project where the existing timber heads were decayed because of water damage, and each was replaced with concrete heads. The floor beams and cast iron columns were also removed leaving the building as empty shells. Salvaged materials, meanwhile, including about a dozen items of flour mill machinery such as an industrial conveyor lift, pulley wheel from one of the walls and other artefacts will be used in the new development as a reminder of the sites history. Following the completion of the demolition, the reconstruction commenced. A minipiling solution was agreed for the foundations onto which a raft slab was poured. From there a steel portal frame with metal decking and concrete floors was constructed within the historic structures. The completion of the internal structures tied in nicely with the completion of the restoration to the trusses which have now been reinstated. A new Blue Bangor slate roof is currently been fitted to the historic building.