New Bancroft Hall Tallaght

As part of an overall €300 million mixed Development at new bancroft, Tallaght, Hegarty Demolition was selected to carry out Site enabling works and Bulk Basement excavation - to include earthwork support construction, single concrete basement construction, de-watering, waterproofing and a considerable amount of shell and core construction in a phased program.

Phase 1 of the Project involved a basement construction including all associated under floor drainage, outfalls drains and Road crossings for all the main service utilities. New Utilities lines were laid to fufill the Development requirements, HDL Liased with the Utility providers to meet and work alongside SDCC and local resident groups.

A full Project specific Infrastructure package was carried out and completed on Greenhills road with Road Re-alignment and location of filter lane to the Development underground Car park. Works on Greenhills Road was completed and carried out with no disturbance to AADT of between 5000-7000.

A full traffic management plan with detailed liason with the local authorities was provided as part of the service where it was cordinated and managed by trained and competent Hegarty Demolition Staff. The Structure was completed on time and on budget with precipitation negotiations to proceed onto the next phase of the project. Phase 2 - a two storey basement structure, 7,000m2 in area was finalised and commenced immediately phase 1.

Many challenging issues were encountered and resolved on this sloping site, which was again surrounded by existing structures and a busy primary road network. Innovative problem solving and exhaustive pre-planning procedures meant that particular engineering concerns regarding de-watering were anticipated and sucessfully overcome.

Hegarty Demolition was subsequently appointed to carry out shall and core construction for the super structure works, hard landscaping, installation of services and other infrastructural works.

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