Point Depot

Hegarty Demoliton completed the major Demolition of the Point Depot which included soft Strpping of exisitng materinals, furnishings for salvage and storage for re-issue to the client upon completion

Works also included the staged demolition of known listed areas of the old structure with the installation of Temporary works designed and erected by Hegarty Demolition in consultation with our Consulting Engineers Barrett Mahony Engineers.

Demolition commenced in a phased manner with two of the main walls and roof structure being removed with carefull demolition by hand also with mechanical demolition at non interfacing areas.

As the building was dated, some elements of Asbestos containing materilas did arise, these were also dealt with by Hegarty Specialist Asbestos removal Team during the phased Works.

All soft strpping was complete manually with the use of handheld tools. Floor tiles, chairs etc were all removed and brought away to be recycled. As specialist Sub Contractor HDL erected the temporary works structure to secure the Front and East Fa├žade of the Point Building.

All works were complete as per Barrett Mahoney drawings. All works were signed off on complete of works. All demolition works were then completed mechanically wiith demolition attachments fitted. All Demolition materials were segregated and removed off site for disposal and recycling where applicable.

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