Specialist Rock Excavation

As an extension to the range of services provided by Hegarty Demolition Ltd., the company has acquired the goodwill and expertise of theSpecialist Rock Excavation business carried out by Thomas J. Byrne, Quarryman and Stonecutter of Boranaraltry House, Glencullen, Co. Dublin.

We now offer the Quarrying and Stonecutting experience ofTom Byrne, including the latest technology in Specialist Hydraulic Splitting, and the engineering expertise of a long established Specialist Enabling WorksContractor - Hegarty Demolition Ltd., to undertake a comprehensive range of rock extraction activities.

Hegarty Demolition Ltd. has enjoyed a long and productive association with Tom Byrne on a variety of rock extraction projects, mainly in the South Dublin/Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown county areas.  The rock present in these areas is generally hard, medium grained granite, with joints widely spaced.  The Rock Quality Designation (RQD) is in the range 60% to 98%.
Extraction of these hard rocks in a built-up environment can only be executed safely and competently by a Specialist Contractor.

The use of specialist hydraulic splitting equipment eliminates shocks and vibrations associated with large impact tools, such as machine mounted hydraulic breakers.  While these breakers endeavour to overcome the high comprehensive strength of rocks and concrete, our technique concentrates on the low tensile strength of these materials, with the objective of splitting material from the inside.  There is no fly-rock, dust clouds, vibration or ground movement associated with blasting operations.

Rock excavation can be accurately controlled, as the positions of drill holes and direction of the breaks can be determined on site.  This allows controlled excavation and rock cutting to be safely carried out adjacent to existing structures and services.

Tom Byrne will act as Consultant and Advisor on these projects, and together with our engineering staff and Health & Safety personnel, will develop Method Statements and Management Procedures for each individual site.